Sexual health is an essential part of our well-being. But for many people, sexual health may be affected by various issues or conditions. The professionals at our clinic offer advanced platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments that show promising results. Here’s what our patients need to know about PRP and how treatment could benefit men and women life.

What sexual health issues does PRP address?

Women often experience vaginal dryness, discomfort during intercourse, and urinary incontinence as a result of age or hormone changes related to menopause. Men, on the other hand, may suffer from erectile dysfunction and penis curvature. This interferes with their ability to achieve or maintain a lasting erection during intercourse.

No matter your issues, it’s normal to feel some embarrassment or frustration. PRP injections  may help with these problems and improve your quality of life through platelet-rich plasma.

What is PRP?

PRP therapy involves taking a small vial of blood from the patient, separating out the platelets, and then administering the final product into specific parts of the vagina or penis. Platelet-rich plasma has been known to restore damaged tissues by triggering cell regeneration and growth. Treatment also improves much-needed blood flow to the area. This enhances circulation and reduces many symptoms that lead to sexual dysfunction.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment for sexual health issues?

Studies have shown that PRP injections lead to significant improvements in health and wellness. For example, women who receive treatment report more natural lubrication and increased vaginal elasticity. Problems like urinary incontinence also become less frequent.

In men, platelet-rich plasma injections lead to increased blood flow and sensation in the penis. This results in firmer and harder erections that last longer during their most intimate moments. Patients with conditions like Peyronie’s disease also see a reduction in symptoms that impact their sex life.

Here’s why our patients choose PRP treatments:

  • Safe and minimally invasive treatment that offers effective results
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • High success rates
  • No drugs or medications involved
  • Improvements are long-lasting with continued maintenance treatments

What about medications or over-the-counter products?

There are many drugstore products and prescription medications on the market that promise to improve vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, or erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, many of these remedies cause unwanted side effects or are considered ineffective. Instead, your conditions may be treated naturally through PRP therapy.

The best part about platelet-rich plasma is that it doesn’t require invasive surgical procedures. The specialists use a minimally invasive process that is fast and allows patients to return home almost immediately after treatment. Furthermore, PRP is considered safe and effective for adults of just about any age.

Improve your sexual health with PRP

Problems like vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction really can have an impact on your sexual health. Innovative platelet-rich plasma injections have helped many men and women dealing with these conditions. If you are ready to start enjoying a more fulfilling sex life, learn more about PRP. We can help you achieve optimal levels of health and wellness.